"aodioiboa-jarring" by aodioiboa

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  • May 12, 2007


    GREAT GREAT development. Love how it starts up, breaks, then starts up again before finally giving it to us hard at 1:00. Massively tasteful, artistic. In fact, I felt a little teased at 1:40 when once again we're in a breakdown and I'm still wondering what the real meat of the song will sound like... Again at 2:28, tease tease tease... :) As long as that was what you were after. When you finally drop the bomb at 2:46, my feeling is that the psychedelic synth is way too overpowering, and the drums underwhelming. There's already been so much melodic content and buildup up to this point that my feeling is that this is the spot for a HUGE drum bit to come in -- giant kicks or something like that, with melodic stuff taking a back seat for the first time. And from then on, at least for a while, I think we need the song to chug along predictably for a while without breaks. A chance to break a sweat while dancing! really unique piece, I enjoyed it. I hope you'll have a remix to share with us sometime too...
  • May 13, 2007


    hi canton..... thanks for giving critic in that detail...... in fact, this track is about teasing.....thats what i wanted..... but you are right, maybe i should include some powerful drums to give listeners a chance to get out of the quirling melodies for some time.... ..... all the best..... ... and yes, if i will make a remix of the track, i will post it here.....

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