1,200 Brand New Samples Now Available for Download

The February 2021 update of SampleSwap features 870 MB of brand new content: 1,200 new loops, vocals, instruments, drum kits, effects and more. As always, all individual sounds are available as free downloads by browsing the collection. If you purchase a membership to SampleSwap, you can download the ENTIRE 9.4 GB collection as a single […]

Rhythmic Loops from a 1909 oil-powered engine

Here’s a set of six rhythmic loops ranging from 74 BPM to 145 BPM crafted from this incredible sounding oil-powered engine posted to YouTube by ‘rustymotor’. 1909 10HP Blackstone oil engine was used for pumping water from a river to a market garden. The engine was sabotaged in the 1920s by someone blowing up the […]

Talking Drums Recording from 1952

I’ve been making my way through this wonderful collection of records from 1952 made by famous ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. Here’s one of my favorites so far on talking drums from Congo. This material is copyrighted, but as far as I can tell, totally unavailable anywhere online. I suspect Hugh Tracey himself would be very happy […]

Mighty Masked Contrabass (Sample Set Download)

I was browsing Reddit a few months ago and came across this YouTube video of a mad Italian fellow who plays a pocket trumpet with a contrabass reed instead of a regular mouthpiece. (See below.) Spectacular and beautifully weird, don’t you think? Well, I got in touch with this masked wobble bass crusader (Piero Bittolo […]

“Full Ensemble” loops for remixing – check them out!

Nestled deep within SampleSwap (inside MELODIC SAMPLES & LOOPS) you’ll find a folder named FULL ENSEMBLE BPM. Crappy name, I know. But *lovely* and inspiring samples. Have a look.

500 MB of Brand New Samples Added to the Collection

Thank you to everyone who contributed original samples over the last two years. I’ve listened to every sample (over 20GB of uploads in total) so as to organize and integrate only the very best 500 MB of these sounds.

Completely absurd music education record

Hello girls and boys! Today we’re going to make music. Happy music, and sad music. Funny music, and serious music…

Ze Frank : Making music with your pain

Ze Frank asked his extended community to leave voice mail describing their pain & suffering. Then he asked some DJ’s and audio freaks to convert those voicemails into a set of percussive, loopy & twisted samples. Now he’s asking you to make music with these 60+ MB of sounds…

Superb free Ableton Live template – Psychedelic trance

Ahoy, Ableton Live users! Tom Cosm of Ableton Live training fame (http://www.cosm.co.nz) has put together an outstanding tutorial / fun / psytrance jamming template for Live based entirely on free sounds from Sampleswap.org. Check out Tom’s video to hear what this template can do:

12 exquisite Ableton Live templates coming soon

SampleSwap has teamed up with Tom Cosm – Ableton instructor extraordinaire — to produce a whole year’s worth of creative sampling tools for Ableton Live. Tom writes: Starting on the 1st of May 2012, I will be releasing a monthly Ableton Live Session View jam template, with the help from www.sampleswap.org who kindly offered their […]

BEEPLE: Mind-bendingly insane 3D techno rendering

Mike Winkelmann (AKA Beeple) makes mind-bending insane 3D rendered videos that bring techno to life like you’ve never seen before. Words don’t do his work justice. Watch/listen below…

700MB of brand new samples available (March 2012)

AT LAST! 18 months worth of your uploads to SampleSwap have been organized and folded into the main collection. That’s 700MB of brand new loops, spoken word, instruments & FX — bringing the entire collection to a whopping 7.5 GB. Come and get it!


Why it’s so hard to find public domain sound recordings

For those of you who are interested in music & copyright issues… check out this page which explains how there are virtually NO public domain music recordings in the USA, including stuff recorded at the very dawn of recording technology. Even recordings that ARE in the public domain in other countries are not PD in […]

31MB sneak preview of forthcoming SampleSwap update

If you’re a long-time visitor on this website, you’ve probably noticed that the main sample collection only gets updated every year or so. The last major update was in May 2010. Since then, You People have uploaded tons of new samples. Just this past week, I’ve finally gone through and reviewed, cleaned up, and organized […]

Robotic cats and dogs, oh my!

These weird quotes come from an even weirder story on NPR about robotic seals.