"Dirty Ways" by Dj Vernillo

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About This Track

Between house and techno, with an old school touch.


  • April 30, 2007


    the drum part sounds quite thin, and to be honest i didn't have the patience to listen the whole track, because it seems monotone. in my opinion you could try a bit more bass on the drum eq, and alternate the lead theme a bit so that the listener won't lose interest. just my opinion though.
  • April 30, 2007


    the drum part is intentionally "empty", in order to give a minimal touch. I think i can make a new mix with a more powerful drumline. It seems that you listen only a couple of minutes of my track, try to go on and you will hear two "stop & go", and maybe you won't find it so monotone. Listen the final too, when the bassline changes. Anyway, thank you for your opinion, i am not a professional producer and think that any kind of feeds help to grew up.
  • May 13, 2007


    Wow -- you totally nailed the oldschool thing. I used to play tons of music a lot like this when I had a "rave" radio show in chicago in 1993. Totally bopping my head along & feeling it. Even the production is correct, presuming that was the feeling you were going for. Is clearly meant to be played *very* loud in a warehouse for those thin synth sounds to sound right. The kick is plenty loud & solid for me. It's just not hugely compressed/limited like most mastered songs today. Doesn't mean the volume can't be turned up. That said, unless you're really in love with those early 90's synth sounds, it might be fun to keep the same feel while modernizing some of the melodic sounds...

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