"88" by steviekeys

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Made with my trusty Kurzweil and Live 5. memories of listening to Miles & Gil Evans when i was a kid.


  • April 24, 2007


    I've never had any luck with synthetic real instruments either. They just don't have the expression. And muted trumpet is as close as it gets. I like the groove of it.
  • May 12, 2007


    Nice job with that fakey horn! Nice performance, well articulated, and just plain musical. Rare to hear any uploads with some real jazz goodness. That said, it does end up sounding like a fakey horn. :) I think the piece would be at least as successful just swapping out the sound with epiano. Nice piece overall. Sounds a little overcompressed/limited but maybe that's just me.
  • May 13, 2007



    Hey, thanks for the feedback (and don't let me forget to say 'thanks for the contest'....a great opportunity to get off my a** and get a couple of pieces out.... yes, a shame about the fakey horn....the best i had available. it's a patch on my kurzweil that i fell in love with, but after a while....yes, it does sound less than convincing. but the mood i had in mind was definitely a miles thing...so i was stuck. anybody know where there is a good horn sound? and yes, it is overcompressed, definitely. when i listen to it now, i can hear clipping. my problem is i always end up with mixes that are too quiet....so i have to boost them, which is always hard....have to try not to clip and not to overcompress. i use the mastering plugins in Reason 3. any suggestions....Canton, i'm impressed with the levels you get and the sound of your mastering....what do you use?

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