"Last thing I remember" by xandalis

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I've been messing around with some attempts at voice filters using audio mulch, and in the process of that, I've really become fond of one particular contraption: the DLGranulator. So, I've thrown together what's more like a short story with some "ambient" music. The voice filter reminds me of how the vasudans' translated speech sounds, in the Descent: Freespace games. So, I wound up coming up with a semi-Freespace themed story.


  • November 12, 2008


    For those who might not be able to make out all of the speech, here is the text of it. [i:0c160b86a5]The last thing I remeber before waking up in the medbay, was... ejecting from my fighter. The flight recorder was recovered from the wreckage in the sector, about 3 months later. I was told that the battle in the Sigma Draconis system was a major sucess; though, as bits and pieces of my memory have returned, combined with the data I reviewed from my fighter's recorder, I don't see how. Gamma squadron, my squadron, had been called in as reinforcements, only 5 minutes after the first shots had been fired. It seems HQ's intel about the Shivan threat in the system wasn't accurate, and the first few frigates and fighter wings to exit subspace were destroyed almost before they could react. Before the last frigate went down, they managed to send a burst transmission of their sensor logs: 3 Demon class carriers, supported by 15 Rakshasa cruisers. 5 Fenris class frigates and 4 wings of Herc II's were no match for those odds. The number of Shivan fighters and bombers were uncoutable from the data. My fighter's logs showed over 200, not counting my own kills. I remember that time seemed to stretch and compress, as I pulled every maneuver I could think of. I felt like I spent most of my time evading fire. That it seems I managed to down 18 Maras, well, I still don't remember that. We lost well over 300 pilots in that engagement. Being awarded my "Ace" pin for those confirmed kills, seems somewhat trivial in comparison. I also remember hearing over the general order channel, that the 3 carriers were retreating into subspace. We never got a shot off in their direction, even after the Colossus arrived. Our forces were still too busy trying to hold off the seemingly unending wave of Shivan fighters and bombers. By the time they did manage to clear the skies of them, the Demons were already gone. Two months after I had recovered, and been debriefed, Sigma Draconis went super nova. Sensor readings indicated Shivan energy sources, just like the last time. Our major victory had become one of our greatest losses, even though the Shivans seem to have retreated into subspace, for a third time.[/i:0c160b86a5]
  • December 20, 2008


    Like this sci-fi vibe :-) I've been also playing Freespace 2 a bit and must say it's a great game. Keep up the good work!

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