"Ghetto" by Zajoman & Prochy

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About This Track

Since birth, I have lived in Petrzalka which is the largest estate in Middle Europe. We call it Heavenly Ghetto. Later, I lived in a flat in the center of the city with my girlfriend as we could not stay at my mom's flat in the ghetto. I got used to the silent life of the center. When I went to see my family for one weekend back into the concrete jungle, I was terrified, because during every single night there was a fight outside. I sat down to my computer and wrote the lyrics and made the shit, still shocked. It's about a year old. Made in MadTracker, recorded in my little room, with a friend of mine, who even without ever living in the ghetto got the idea really well. The language is Slovak. For English translation, see this: http://zajoman.oxyhostsfree.com/Other/Ghetto.txt


  • March 16, 2008


    Cus chalani! Pekne vam to slape,a pohlcuje ma to,berem to cele,zijem v prahe) Trochu dj krush polietava okolo Rudo

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