"litcreatures" by rudolf

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About This Track

hi,just some loops played with abl5,all downloaded from web enjoit)


  • October 16, 2007


    querky intro nice :) love the rhodes jazz lick to it 2 can sit back n chill 2 this 1 NICE peace jv
  • October 21, 2007


    thankz Joe,I may put my brain on this tune) this intro jumping in came from side linked from here....named Creature_002...........or from in here?) r
  • October 21, 2007


    rud....when listening to your tracks, i expect to hear the unexpected! you have a pretty unique sound (in a good way)...keep it up dood!
  • October 22, 2007


    K,thankz for positive feedback) realy appreciate it!! r

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