"ORGASMO feat Kirstin" by Mr. Rogers

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About This Track

This is one of the first tracks I did, and it's still my favorite. The lovely Miss Kirstin, would be the one you hear orgasming all over the place. I have held onto this track rather tightly for the last couple of years, but was very recently inspired to let go of some of my music. This track is a close resemblance of my favorite kind of track to write. I really like it to be fun and wacky.


  • October 12, 2007


    are u ...?!!! I love it,all lines...its nasty) from 2,50 a litbit too many melodic,but as before,guess Im gonna like it later. Cant wait till your next upl r
  • October 12, 2007


    WHAT FUN! I love this tune. Wicked bassline. Funky funky. Sexy, hillarious, joyful. Had me bopping around this morning. A+ on that one. I think *once the intro is done*, you could mellow out the EQ on the piano a little -- just roll off the highs so it doesn't claim too much of the high end. A great example of a three-movement song. During the second( "orgasm" movement) think about bringing up the drums louder, punchier, so that it becomes a drum and orgasm solo? My ears got really tired during the 3rd movement when listening very loud on my studio monitors. Purely a matter of EQ on the mastering -- the high and mid end is really quite bright, and the bass/sub end is lacking somewhat. Could be rounded out somewhat so it's more even across frequencies. Recommend checking out the mastering on some monitors that have a bright high end, or even just listen in a bright room which will be less forgiving. Great melodies. Lots of fun. Tons of energy. Obviously a work of joy. Thanks for uploading it! PS you were asking in an email about similar artists, check out: LUKE VIBERT aka PLUG aka WAGONCHRIST -- for sure a kindred spirit. Also, browse -- in general -- the NINJATUNE label. They've got a whimsical funk spirit that brings along a lot of like minded artists including MR. SCRUFF, THE HERBALISER... maybe even CHOCOLATE WEASEL.
  • October 14, 2007


    thanks much for the tips Canton. I totally agree with it all. It's definitely a track I've been wanting to go back and really tweak the EQ with. Also thanks for the suggestions.
  • October 18, 2007


    Very funky track, i like it a lot. Nice funky lines but i think it could be better by being slightly less melodic and just give a short 4 bar taste of the melody every 8 bars to tease the ear to hear more then slightly more in the 16th, repeat forumla and then let the whole riff let rip in the 32nd, a stirct programming regieme but works. Gets quite complex after the breakdown lots to listen to but very well thought out sounds, could be a bit more sparse. (excuse the pun) S P A R S E East London UK

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