"FeedBack" by Project D

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this song is of mixed style, some of ya are gonna like others are gonna cut their ears off because of it. But This is the Second Climax of the CD. Keeps ya moving. I been on the forum for a while and thought I post a song on here, everything built from scratch in FL7 which i have purchased, lol. I am a solo Group Called Project D. But my User Name is Zained due to is originality. Feed back on this song would be great. I am not a pro or anything but I have alot of track played. Thanks for the listen. D


  • June 11, 2007


    I would not consider this ambient, more techno, breakbeat perhaps but I am not *up* on some of these other offshoots. Production sounds nice and solid though. Just not my cup of tea.
  • June 11, 2007


    " this song is of mixed style" I really didnt know where to stick it, but it felt Ambient to me, so thats where i stuck it, thanks for the listen.

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