"Around" by Vincent Bernay

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About This Track

Primarily electronic (breakbeat), the aim of this song is also to be experimental. In that way, the song is called "Around" because it tries to recreate the feeling that there's an another world just around us. Among other things, this feeling is evocated by the deep strings on the intro, the Dorumalai's women voices in the first and second part, the suddent tape stop effect before the last part, and the reversed voices and slowed down melody in the outro. I've used mainly free stuff for this song, in particular Psycle, a collection of free royalty-free samples from dorumalaia and Equinox sounds, and amazing free VST like TbT Tape stop or Klang Labs Daft funk.


  • May 1, 2007


    Wow, what a lovely track.
  • May 1, 2007


  • May 13, 2007


    Great sequenced melodies in the intro -- really enjoyed those. I think the strings in at 0:40 could be a little quieter -- they kind of eat up the whole mix. Wild tempo change at 2:10!

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