"m4rt3z - Welcome To Orion" by m4rt3z

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About This Track

Im going to take you on a journey into the sky, past the clouds and out to the Earths atmosphere. We are going to venture through the universe to our destination. I want you to close your eyes and let your body limp so that the rythm can wash through you like a wave. Let your body move naturally to the beat, finally i hope you enjoy your stay and Welcome To Orion!........


  • April 30, 2007


    This track has been used in a program for ITV (UK TV Station) called Clublife! If anyone wants to see the program and hear my track then follow this link: http://www.itvlocal.com/meridian/yourtown/?player=MER_YourTown_26&void=62408
  • May 1, 2007


    wow it's cool that your song was broadcasted on tv. lol you lucky sod! :P never watched clublife though, but your music is well suited to the programme as it's about clubs and modern dance :). Congratulations!
  • May 3, 2007


    Thanks Tozzy, yea it was used in Clublife and i never actually seen or even heard of it before because its ITV Central (London i think) and i get a different ITV like regional or something? lol Anyways thanks again bud!

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