"kalamata_3" by life in a box

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About This Track

made with FL studio 6 and a very funny freeware : analog warfare3


  • May 13, 2007


    I really like when this track really gets going after 1:43, nice layers there. The snare and distorted kick being panned so hard on opposite sides is a little weird on my ears. Generally speaking, the panning is a little extreme and makes it hard to put the song in a consistent mental space. I really like the feeling of it and the tranciness of it. Reminds me of some early, good Aphex Twin.
  • May 13, 2007


    thanks for the feed back! very helpfull for me. Indeed, i have a propensity for hard panning, probably because I have some difficulties to spatialize my tracks, with the risk of destructuring the whole production... Fabien

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