"AmorFati" by Robotic Space Penguin

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About This Track

Original track made using samples and MIDI synth and bass. Hope you dig it.


  • April 21, 2007


    Thanks for listening

    Thanks for listening. Please leave a bit of feedback. All comments are welcome.
  • April 21, 2007



    i was dancing to this while reading nietzsche. good combination.
  • April 21, 2007


    without music life would be a mistake - Nietzshe
  • April 22, 2007


    Yeah, Nietzche and music have a long and involved history. He seemed to be partial to Wagnerian opera, but i like to think that if he lived now, he would be into electronica. The next one will be named Eternal Recurrence ;)
  • May 12, 2007


    Totally a promising piece. Very musical. I think a good start for tightening it up would be some mixing/balancing. The 16-th note bassline often gets lost in the mix. Could be made louder, or some other tricks to get it to stand out. It's a nice bassline, and its movement helps to carry the melody, so I think it could get pushed almost as far forward as the kick drum itself. There's also an opportunity to sculpt yourself a really original bass sound there. Also the synthline that comes in at 3:24 goes non-stop until the finale -- might be nice to let it drop out at least once.

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