"Spectacular Cloud" by Plastinka

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About This Track

Quaquaversal is the latest release from Christopher Peters under his Plastinka moniker. Chris has been recording and creating music on his computer since the late 90s. In the preceding decade, Chris spent most of his free time watching cartoons, creating Lego spaceships, playing outside, and trying to master games like Ghosts and Goblins on his Commodore 64. He spent the rest of his free time learning to play various instruments and learning how to layer his ideas. Chris states that he has recently made the subtle change from creating music on the computer to creating computer music. This means a journey dedicated to the embrace of all electronic sound with the end goal of creating music exclusively from the sounds in the computer. What hasn’t changed is Chris’ commitment to writing experimental electronic music that is complicated and challenging enough to be enjoyable upon repeated listens, but simple enough to stick in your head. Quaquaversal, the follow-up to Arctic Glow, was created entirely using the KORG Gadget. This Plastinka release contains some versions of songs you can expect to hear in another format on the upcoming Killiniq release (2016). credits released 06 June 2015


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