"Kosheen 'Waste' Remix " by construct

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About This Track

Another competition remix I've entered. This time it's for Kosheen, using just the vocal stem from their new track 'Waste'. Been a fan of theirs since they began in the late 90's and they're local homegrown talent, so it's really nice to be a part of. Please visit and listen/comment/favourite on soundcloud and show support :) http://soundcloud.com/construct-uk/kosheen-waste-saved-remix-by


  • March 4, 2013


    Very nice, thanks for sharing. Better than the original.
  • March 4, 2013


    Another Version

    There's a Drum n Bass version that I didn't complete in time for the competition, but a lot of people have said it's a shame that I didn't enter that one instead as it's a totally different take on the tune than anyone had tried and it rolls really well. I'll upload tomorrow, see what you think. Thanks dude.

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