"Empty With Such Fullness" by Steveb24

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About This Track

Created with Reason 2.5. Inspired by the movie "Waking Life."


  • May 10, 2007


    It's really cool to hear a piece with these samples -- Waking Life is one of my favorite films. Pretty song too! I like the piano part. The song mix is kind of dark throughout -- the film samples esp. are very dark, no high end; and the piano could be a lot brighter too. I think a lot could be done just by re-EQ'ing the master track, emphasizing the brightness.
  • May 10, 2007


    [quote:8cd9f06701="canton"]It's really cool to hear a piece with these samples -- Waking Life is one of my favorite films.[/quote:8cd9f06701] Oh yeah, it's a good one...I like to let the movie play while I am puttering about the house and plan on sampling the crap out of it one of these days. When we got it, it was only, like, $5 on Amazon, brand new...I suggest anyone that is into consciousness studies give it a whirl or three. "The Secret" is another great DVD to just let loop while doing (non-musical) stuff...we have the now very rare first edition of that yet to sample, too. Which reminds me...I am a member of IONS (www.shiftinaction.com), which costs $10 a month. They send out CD's with terrific stuff to pillage every so often...it's way beyond worth $10 a month *without* stuff to sample, but you get that, too. Don't EVEN get me started on the books behind such things. :) Or do...it's all good. Peace. Brap
  • May 10, 2007


    When I took the samples I was using a really poor quality radioshack brand mic so I got a lot of high-end hiss. I ran an eq on the vocal track to try and pull some of that out. I should probably just resample the vocals and put some punch back in the high register. Good advice. Thanks.

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