"Keep Trying" by sparse

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  • April 2, 2007


    This is pretty sweet. I think you are on my watchlist now. :) Listenlist? Whatever. Peace. Brap
  • April 5, 2007


    Thanks for your comments Brap. going to upload a new one tonight. Will also check your stuff too as i see you are donating to the cause. Easy S P A R S E
  • April 5, 2007


    wicked tune
  • April 6, 2007


    This is really nice. Who did the vocal?
  • April 8, 2007


    thanks jimdubtrix, appreciate your listen and comments, a friend of mine done the vocals on this track, i met her snowboarding in Val D'isere a couple of years ago, we have done a handful of tracks since then, we got featured in the diesel-u-music awards last year with one she sang on. Enough of the she her name is Mary Awere, very talented. S P A R S E
  • January 27, 2010


    pleasant to the ears

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