"High Octane Horse Race" by Simon Alexander-Adams

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About This Track

This song was composed in Reaper. I'm not too sure what category to put this in as it has bits of techno, funk, glitch, house and hip hop. I don't see it as one hundred percent in any category (If someone cares to enlighten that'd be fine). I'm a novice at electronic music production and mostly write what this site refers to as "real music" so any suggestions and critiques are more than welcome.


  • December 9, 2009



    Hi its nice man i like it , especially the long break part and that jazzy bit in the end , really nice ! MIX - Imho its a bit too blurry . try to separate the sounds a bit - especially the lower freqs. also - boost hi freq alot! personal opinion - i would have used less animal sounds and try to manage them in the track with gate fx etc... also i would use more synths - for Xample instead of the guitar main lead - try to create a more interesting sound using the same riff ... ok thats it hope i've helped good work!
  • December 9, 2009


    Thanks! Glad you liked it and very grateful for the suggestions! I might try and do some work with the mixing though I don't really have much idea of what I'm doing (I can safely say) so no idea if I'll be able to get it any clearer sounding.

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