"The Magnificient Escape 2009 EDIT" by robert meyers

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About This Track

nice pads, piano, FX, drums, too slow for DNB but you'll see the DNB influence. Calm, meditative, relaxing percussion based piece.


  • January 24, 2009


    Good chill out vibe.I will surely enhance the listeners alpha brainwaves
  • March 1, 2009


    Really enjoyed this, thanks. I heard this after listening to 20 straight hardcore / speedcore uploads and it mellowed me out nicely. :)
  • March 1, 2009


    On second listening had a thought, I think this song would do nicely if the pads went to a different set of chords at some point (a 'bridge' or 'chorus' in traditional music terms.) It's a quite long song, so the unchanging chord sequence becomes an ambient background w/out much interest after a while.
  • September 3, 2009


    true enough. i definitely see your point. i like this one alot and think i will revisit soon. first thing on the agenda... add complexity to chords! glad to hear i gave your synapses a break! not that the world needs more hardcore DND but I have been working on one lately. hope to have it done soon enough. different from my usual but interesting!

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