"wrath demo" by joevirus

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About This Track

A demo from my new album soon 2b complete Called sin's !! you can check some of the tracks at www.myspace.com/joevirusdnb


  • April 5, 2008


    Begins with drum'n'bass beat, bassline and some fx. The beat sounds pro and the bassline and fx do their job. Then the percussion comes in. I really like the combination of the breakbeat and perc. Sounds very danceable :-) The next synth line (Or piano sample?) has a nice sound (A bit quiet though, but I'm not sure how it would work louder) and I like your composing in that. :) The following melody makes nice eerie combination with the earlier beginning synth or piano. I don't know this genre well, but I would personally like "fuller" bassline. I've listened more to trance so maybe I've got used different kind of bass. And it's certainly not bad this way either. The flanged synth is candy to my ear :-) Very lively. Overall sound palette is well collected and used. I think you have some good combinations of sounds and arrangement made in a way that track is changing all the time. Mixdown and mastering are also well done if not comparing to professional mastering engineers. To sum it up: This is quality drum'n'bass once again. Well done production in my opinion! I hope I'm gonna hear final arrangement in the future polished by a professional mastering engineer. Good job once again man! Respect!
  • April 6, 2008


    ewww.. my sub gives me a nice feeling again, tight shit mate. :] that bass arrangement just kicks ass! but then i was slightly disappointed with the melody. there should come up something more nasty and dark.. maybe something squeaky like some leads limewax dropped.. haha - no, wouldnt match in this case. but NASTY, hard as skullfuck, u know? this is just too soft! :>
  • April 6, 2008


    Thx guys for the advice and comments :) A full version is now on my myspace, i was tring to keep this track a little lighter than dark on the techy edge, but i do agree lOo7 i may remix this track and do a amen smasher with lits of killa synth and textures. for the hardcore core dnb fans lol peace jv
  • April 12, 2008


    well sick this sounds like renagade hardware stuff!!!!! i like the full version on ur myspace to its even better. I cant wait till the album is finished joe YOUR ON " A WINNER M8 big up virus keeping it real :)

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