"va te faire fonk" by Rollkidd

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About This Track

Hello guys i made this track 3 days ago and i'm quite proud of myself lol.I like the idea to do 2 songs in one so maybe some people won't like the sudden transition but it's not too hard ever. I used the same kits and instruments except the siren for the 2nd part of the track. I think i don't have the right to use the Jurassic 5 acapella of for the 2nd part but as i have no one to sing on my tracks i wanted to see how it sounds with a MC.And more i do it juste for myself and having fun. I don't know if the voice really follows the rythm but for my french ears it seems to be quite good but i can make a mistake. Once again excuse me for my bad english!


  • February 21, 2008


    nice work! i liked the interesting rhythm/cross-rhythm. 5/4 right? most people might not like it because most people only like what they know, and only know what they like. i like new stuff that sounds fresh and (for what it's worth) original. i liked your stuff ;-)
  • February 22, 2008


    Thanks for your comment rwp80, yes you're right it's 5/4 rythm, you impress me! I'm actually working on 2 new fresh sounds lol. I hope you'll like it to. ;)

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