"Vernon Tripe" by TheBranMuffin

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About This Track

Samples from the game Psychonauts. :)


  • May 7, 2007


    Trippy! Where's that silly monologue from? "And then we took a side road... ... and then we attacked by bees..."
  • May 7, 2007


    It's from the game Psychonauts. Basically, at one point in the game you run into a character called Vernon Tripe, a kid at this psychic camp that you are at. He basically starts telling this story about this trip he went on, except that the plot events are randomly generated... They just use random voice clips of Vernon put one after the other so that you think he is telling an actual story, but you slowly realize that the story he's telling isn't going anywhere and it is random. I'm bad at explaining it. But it was a really trippy little part of the game when I was playing it. The whole random voice clips thing is used more than once in the game.

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