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**                     Rhythm Composer Samples                          **

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Since it's admittance into the world of music, the Roland TR-909 has been

one of the most sought after drum machines in existence.  Every dance, 

techno, and hip-hop artist desperately searches for the "magic box", only

to find the 909.  Yet, this box is highly coveted by those who worship its

demonic powers.  Many have tried to obtain this box through large sums of

money, deceit, and ultimately theft. 

In order to curve the population's insatiable thirst for the 909, I have

created a 'complete' 909 sample set. I'll be surprised if you can tell the 


For purists, this sample set will not totally replace a real 909.  The 909 

sequencer is really natural for many dance and hip-hop artists.  But

in terms of sound quality, this set accurately reproduces the various

instrument settings on the 909.  In other words, it is the next best 

thing to a real 909.  How many drum machines in the store have a five meg

909 sample set?

I hope you find this set useful.  Please feel free to copy or distribute

the set in any way.  Please DO NOT change samples, add samples,

delete samples, or modify this text file in any way.  Respect the work. 

This sample set is FREE.  You may not distribute these samples for

profit!!   If you have any comments please feel free to email me.

Or, if you create a cool tune using the samples feel free to send me a

tape or dat.  Have fun!

-Rob Roy/ April 20 '95

Jason Baker

Rob Roy Recordings

818 SE 8th Street #103

Minneapolis, MN 55414  USA

email: bake0028@gold.tc.umn.edu

web: T.B.A. soon!

** Special thanks and greets to fEEd at MANNA STUDIOS, Minneapolis, for 

   providing the TR-909. Check out Manna Studios at the following web

   site: http://www.ivi.com/~robw 


Sample set specifications:


160 Samples covering the full 909 kit

-24 bass drum

-52 snare drum

-16 low tom drum

-16 mid tom drum

-16 high tom drum

-2 rim shot

-2 hand clap

-6 high hat close

-6 high hat open

-6 crash cymbal

-6 rim cymbal

-4 open->close high hat combinations

-4 close->open high hat combinations

Disk space requirement: approx. 4.8 megs unzipped


Recording process:


All samples were recorded in mono at 44.1k using the following process:

909 -------> EMU ESI-32 :::::::::::::> 486PC running Sound Forge 3.0

     mono                sample dump

The process maintained the greatest s/n ration by recording all 

instruments at maximum level (except where noted).  All levels on the

909 were kept at their highest setting.  The samples were normalized in

Sound Forge 3.0.  The sounds were recorded completely dry.


Sample Listing Notation


The 909 affords nearly an infinite number of instrument settings.  In 

order to make the "infinite" possible, I used a standard system for

recording each instrument's possible settings.  Each instrument setting

knob on the 909 has 10 decants.  I chose to use the 0, 3, 7 and 10 

settings on each knob to create most instrument variations.  The sample 

listings use the letter "a" to represent 10 (think of 'a' as meaning

'a'll the way).  The high hat and cymbal samples use settings of 0, 2, 4,

6, 8, and 10 for the variations.  

So, for example, when I recorded the bass drum I used the four chosen

decants on three knob settings to create 24 bass drum variations.

For the bass drum and snare drum I eliminated a few settings to reduce

"sonic redundancy".  In the case of the bass drum I only used the

0 and 10 ('a') settings on the attack.  For the snare drum I did not

vary the tone control while the 'snappy' setting was at 0.

After recording and normalizing each sample, I saved the samples in their

respective instrument directories.  Each sample name is composed of an

instrument letter, and knob settings specifications.  


Sample Identification


Instrument (first letter)       Settings (in order)             Directory

b       bass drum               t=tune, a=attack, d=decay       \bassdm         

s       snare drum              t=tune, t=tone, s=snappy        \snaredm

l       low tom                 t=tune, d=decay                 \lowtomdm

m       mid tom                 t=tune, d=decay                 \midtomdm

h       high tom                t=tune, d=decay                 \hitomdm

rim     rimshot                 #=velocity level                \rimshot

hand    handclap                #=velocity level                \handclap

hhc     closed high hat         d=decay                         \closedhh

hho     open high hat           d=decay                         \openhh

csh     crash cymbal            t=tune                          \crshcym

ride    ride cymbal             t=tune                          \ridecym

clop    closed->open hh         #=combination number            \misc

opcl    open->closed hh         #=combination number            \misc

The best way to figure out what sounds you need is to listen to a variety

of samples.  Better yet, try to create your own personalized set of 909


Email me at: bake0028@gold.tc.umn.edu if you have any questions!

** 909KIT UPDATE 5/12/95

I cleaned a bunch of sound file headers.  Apparently some .wav file have not

been loading properly on systems.  The new headers contain the proper sound

data information.